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Agapanthus Collective
Currently seeking submissions for their weekly publications. They accept poetry, fiction, CNF, and art.
Agapanthus Collective on Twitter.

All Female Menu
A place for anyone who identifies as a canonically-excluded gender. They publish both physical and online magazine, or “menus”. **THIS IS CURRENTLY A PAYING MARKET**
All Female Menu on Twitter

Authylem Literary Magazine
An online magazine looking to showcase voices of the real. They are accepting submissions for their first issue through January 31, 2021. They accept poetry in any form and short fiction of up to 10 pages.
Authylem Literary Magazine on Twitter


Bear Creek Gazette
A newspaper-style magazine seeking items that would normally be found in a typical paper. Pieces should have an odd, weird, eerie, or strange feel to them. They will be opening submissions for the next issue will be February 10th. **THIS IS CURRENTLY A PAYING MARKET**
Bear Creek Gazette on Twitter


The Daily Drunk Magazine
An online humor magazine accepting submissions on a rolling basis. They publish on a daily basis and are always looking for poetry, prose, essays and anything else that makes them laugh. (I’ve been published in this pub and editor Shawn Berman is WAY easy to work with)
The Daily Drunk Magazine on Twitter

Dream Journal
An online magazine looking for the odd, the strange, and the just plain bizarre in 1,000 words or less. Currently accepting submissions for their February theme: Evil Ex.
Dream Journal on Twitter


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